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VRS serves the greater Kansas City metro area, providing 3D immersive property tours for residential and commercial brokers. Using Matterport technology, we create a fully interactive model of your space. Take your sales to the next level with the most cutting-edge real estate tours available today.

3D Immersive Tour

As a Matterport service provider, VRS uses advanced technology to produce stunning, immersive, fully three-dimensional virtual walkthroughs of any space.

Accurate Floor Plans

Accurate to within 99.9%, our floor plans give you confidence in every dimension of your residential or commercial space.

Step into Virtual Reality

Immerse clients in virtual reality. Set your commercial or residential real estate listing apart with true virtual reality.
Virtual Reality Solutions employs state of the art technology to deliver fully immersive first-person virtual tours of any space. Residential, commercial, and rental real estate listings are brought to life for anyone around the globe on any device.
View an example virtual tour below.

Let’s work together.

Set your residential or commercial real estate listing above the rest. Schedule with us to create your fully immersive virtual reality tour of any residential, commercial, or rental property.